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XDX (eXclusive editor for DX synthesizer)


XDX is a sound editor of YAMAHA 4 operators / 6 operators FM sound source synthesizer DX7(/TX7), DX100(/DX27/DX21).

It works on Windows. Windows7 32bit / Windows 8 32bit / Windows 10 64bit operation verification is done.

(Editing sounds is possible with only software, but when you actually use sounds, the instrument itself and the MIDI I / F are necessary)

Although it is free software, I am seeking donations. If you can get donation, please visit from the page of Vector.


Newest version

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"1VOICE" mode

Tone color parameters can be edited using the buttons on the window. By pressing "TO ALL VOICE" button, you can move data to any number (1 ~ 32) in "ALL VOICE" mode.

"ALL VOICE" mode

Tone color parameters can not be edited, but you can edit data by moving data to "1 VOICE" mode by pressing the "TO 1 VOICE" button of each tone (32).

Overview of screen transition

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